Thursday, April 26, 2012

Necklace/Bracelet - Versatile - 4-25-12

NEW Versatile Necklace/Bracelet

I loved creating this necklace and when I tried it on I was very tempted to keep it.
Gold (not real) chain, glass pearls, Dark Green stone (heavy),
One side of stone is spotted with Red; Toggle Clasp
See Etsy Link for Price

As a Necklace

As a Bracelet

To order email: lesnamess(at)gmail(dot)com.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earrings 4-18-12

Sparkling Stud Earrings with Jewel Tones & Sparkles
backings are gold

 Clear stud - changes with light (iridescent)

Dark Blue - with hints of red in the light (iridescent)

Purple Bows, not glass

This Jewel Stud comes in Clear, Pink, and Green


Statement Earrings. (Wearing the dark purple/black tone earrings below)
They really show through even with long hair. Very Neat!

Dark, iridescent, blue, purple, yellow, green hints
glass pearls, clear crystal with blue center, and silver accents

Beachy Urban Earrings with brown, beige glass pearls,
and blue-green feathers. 

Nautical Inspired Blue striped glass beads
with silver flower accents

to order email: lesnamess(at)gmail(dot)com

Bracelets 4-18-12

Mother/Daughter Bracelet Set
Glass pearls of white & pink
stringed with stretchy clear string
Mother's bracelet has silver LOVE
(remove bow and separate)

Blue Baby Bracelet.
light blue Glass beads with words BABY

Jewel Tone Sparkling Bracelet
with Jewel accents and glass pearls
7.5 in in length
stringed with silver wire

Jewel Tone Bracelet with Silver jewel accents
Claw jewel clasp to close
Sparkly and very elegant!
7.5 in in length
silver wire strung throughout

Monday, April 16, 2012

Earrings 4-16-12

 1. Elegant clear sparkly earrings with silver flower accents
swarovski inspired

2.  Simple Bohemian yellow dangle earrings
swarovski inspired
hook earrings backs can be changed for the ones above
with flower accents(add $.50) or to gold plain
See etsy site for pricing!

Bracelets 4-16-12

1. Funky Blue Bracelet Set
Glass beads: blue hearts and round sparkles
Can be worn 2 ways, 2 sided
Blue, red, green, yellow, blue sparkles on small ones, silver 

2. Bohemian antique inspired Bracelet Set
amber, bronze, silver, aged, yellow colors
2 Sided - Can be worn 2 ways

Necklaces 4-16-12

1. Elegant glass beads, antique like chain, black, grey, and white
flower toggle closing that adds to the design

2. Hippy Chic glass and stone beads, brown leather cord
orange, amber, and brown, gold brass bird charm

3. Bohemian inspired heavy silver beads with light blue and white design beads
brown cord, and flower toggle clasp