About Ordering & Shipping

You may order from my Etsy Website by clicking on the link to the left of this page. If you prefer to order through Paypal as a blog sale (usually cheaper) please see the following:

LesNspired Jewelry is a one of a kind "shop" based out of Texas. Unless requested, no piece is exactly the same. Sizes are customizable. Where not stated, please feel free to ask about lengths or sizes. Bracelets are usually 7 inches in length. Necklaces are usually about 18 inches. Unless stated, only 1 is available. Everything is customizable. Requests are welcome. It's truly enjoyable to create funky and unique pieces for every taste!

Most items are $3.50 for up to 3 items. Tracking number is included. Each additional item is $.50. I am willing to work with you for bundle shipping, just ask! :) If you are international, shipping will be decided based on where you live.
Les'Nspired Jewelry accepts paypal. Please send a paypal email to: lesnamess(at)gmail(dot)com for an invoice. Feel free to ask me about gifting your payment instead!
Your total amount will be given to you before any payment is made.
Turnaround is 1-3 business days. You should have your package by the next week if not sooner! Customized jewelry is 5-10 business days before shipping. Everything is relative to what is ordered, and will be explained before your payment.

You may return your item for a full refund only if it is in the same condition 3 days after it's arrival. If it is an error on my part, I will accept the item. A picture of the jewelry is required and a reason for it's return. I won't want to make the same mistake again! :)

If something has become unhinged or disconnected, (not uncommon among chain jewelry) I can repair it for free. I do everything to make my jewelry as secure as possible, however it is uncertain the treatment your package will receive during shipment. Simply mail it to me for repairs. I'm sorry but I am unable to pay your shipping for this, but will gladly include an extra surprise when I am returning your trinket. :)

Sometimes an item is almost perfect but you'd love it in a different color, length, or size. Go ahead and request it. I'd love to customize an item for you. Customization starts at an additional $2.00 for earrings, $3.00 for bracelets, and $5.00 for necklaces.

Jewelry Elements:
I use a lot of plastic, wood, bone, crystal, gold, silver, imitation, glass, shell, and stone beads. Mostly, I use glass. However, when I started out I mixed them all and threw away their packaging. Hence, I cannot promise each crystal is Swarovski although about 1/2 of my crystals are. I am just unsure which ones. LOL. I am keeping my prices low no matter what so if your bracelet is full of Swarovski then you got an awesome deal. If not, you still have a neat bracelet at a great low price. :) I have colored wax string, chain in silver and bronze, and clear stretchy string among others. Some plated silver and some real 925. Each item is bought as is unless you request differently, then it will be considered a customized item. (See customizing above)

For questions or comments email: lesnamess(at)gmail(dot)com.